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Mo's Car Stuff - Regina
Mo provides professional automotive appraisal services in the Regina area. He produces high quality accredited auto appraisals that are accepted by all insurance companies. Mo's professional car appraisals are perfect for properly valuing your vehicle for insurance purposes. Mo's car appraisals cover antique, classic and special interest vehicles.

Mo also does vehicle valuations in the Regina area for potential sale or purchase, investment protection and legal purposes.

Mo does SGI Arbitrations in cases of a total loss and obtains settlements through negotiation or arbitration, to ensure the vehicle owner receives a fair resolution.

Mo carries some basic Street Rod Parts to assist in the completion of safe quality built modified vintage vehicles. However in recent years Mo's time has been more devoted to the Regina auto appraisals, Regina vehicle valuations and SGI arbitrations.

As a hobby, Mo has been actively involved in special interest automobiles, street rods and antique cars since graduating in engineering from University of Saskatchewan in 1966. Over the years, he has been a member of local rod and custom car clubs and the Antique Auto Association as well as National associations such as the Canadian Street Rod Association (CSRA), the National Street Rod Association (NSRA), Good Guys Rod and Custom Association, and the Early V8 Club of America. He has been a member of the Majestics Car Club since 1975 and was inducted into The Saskatchewan Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1997 for his "continuing efforts to preserve Saskatchewan Hot Rodding".

Mo is an accredited charter member of the Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute of Alberta (SVAI) and past member of the Board of Directors of the SVAI. He was involved in it's development including the appraisal guidelines. The SVAI is the only body in Western Canada accrediting auto appraisers.

Mo has been providing professional Auto Appraisals Services in the Regina area since 1999. He is an established auto appraiser, vehicle valuator and SGI arbitration specialist in the Regina area.

Mo is currently the government liaison for the SAACC (Saskatchewan Association of Automobile Clubs Corp.) regarding vehicle regulations and insurance. He was also on the committee that developed Appraisal Guidelines for the National Association of Automobile Clubs Canada (NAACC).

Personal Interests
Long before establishing Mo's Car Stuff, Mo was keenly interested is all issues related to vehicle regulations, car appraisals in the Regina area including accreditation and appraisal guidelines as well as SGI arbitrations.

Over the years, Mo has personally owned and worked on many vintage vehicles. Mo has restored and modified many vehicles from the ground up.

Some of Mo's current vehicles and projects can be seen on this website.

Thank You
I would like to give special thanks to my wife Marlene, for editing all my appraisals and to Peg at Charlotte's Web Sites for creating this website.

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